A feature film about the torrid love affair between Mary and Percy Shelley as Mary writes her novel, Frankenstein. As the world of the novel comes to life before Mary, she struggles to tell the difference between her fantasies and reality. 



IFP Week - No Borders - Official Selection

Brooklyn Horror Film Festival - Teaser Short Film Official Selection

Frontieres Market - Fantasia Film Festival - Presenter

NYC Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment - Finance Lab - Presenter

Top 10 Scripts of 2016 - Slated

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences - Nicholls Fellowship - Semi-Finalist


Writer/Director - NORA UNKEL of Wild Obscura Films

Producer - DEVIN SHEPHERD of Wild Obscura Films

Producer - ROBERT MENZIES of Zed.Film

Executive Producer - DJ DODD


Further Cast, Crew, and details to come soon!