A feature film about A psychological thriller about Mary, a young writer whose story comes to life in horrifyingly vivid hallucinations, causing her to question the people she loves and the reality around her. 



IFP Week - No Borders - Official Selection

Brooklyn Horror Film Festival - Teaser Short Film Official Selection

Frontieres Market - Fantasia Film Festival - Presenter

NYC Mayor's Office of Media & Entertainment - Finance Lab - Presenter

Top 10 Scripts of 2016 - Slated

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences - Nicholls Fellowship - Semi-Finalist


Writer/Director - NORA UNKEL of Wild Obscura Films

Producer - DEVIN SHEPHERD of Wild Obscura Films

Producer - ROBERT MENZIES of Zed.Film

Executive Producer - DJ DODD


Further Cast, Crew, and details to come soon!